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Olyvia Kwok graduated from Queen Mary’s with a degree in BSc Statistics and at the age of 22 had opened a gallery in St James’s, London specialising in emerging markets (including the BRIC). Shortly after opening, she built an art fund for a private bank in Switzerland and focused her attention on the emerging markets of China, Japan and Korea. The fund was a success, and she was able to continue that success through the 2008 financial crisis after anticipating a steep increase in demand for old impressionist drawings from the likes of Picasso and Dali.

In 2010 she turned her attention to the re-emerging American pop art market and opened an exhibition – ‘Andy Warhol: Portaits’ – which included some of Warhol’s most celebrated paintings, unique prints and films. A year later, she expanded her business into Germany, specialising in German expressionism with a focus on abstract – demonstrating further her ability to anticipate emerging markets, and to analyse opportunities in a varying economic climate.

As a strong believer in art as a tangible asset class, Olyvia now aims to create a more transparent marketplace through the use of technology – a project that is currently in development.

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The Olyvia Kwok collection features contemporary works from a range of artists from early 20th century American minimalist to the most avant-garde contemporaries.

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